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Job Openings at TCC

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We are looking for individuals excited to lead children throughout the day covering small and large group activities. This person would be required to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment for all students in their care. They are also required to have experience working with children, be reliable, maintain positive relationships with co-workers, plan developmentally appropriate activity plans (we can teach you if you have never written lesson plans), and be available to work full time.
• Maintains an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child, staff members, and family. Promotes feelings of security and trust in children.
• Greets children and their parents warmly and with enthusiasm at arrival and departure. Talks, sings, and reads to children frequently.
• Tends to children's personal hygiene needs, remaining especially attentive to them during routines such as diaper changing, cleaning, feeding, and changing soiled or wet clothes.
• Maintains a safe, clean, care-giving environment, practices good personal hygiene and hand washing, and assures the well being and safety of all of the children in that environment. Cleans all toys daily or as needed throughout the day according to the state guidelines.
• Maintains a positive, calm attitude and a pleasant, soothing voice, and models this attitude and voice for parents and others working or volunteering in the program. Maintains a cooperative attitude of working together with other teachers, the center director, the Program director, and parents.
• Protects all children from physical punishment or verbal abuse by anyone in any program activity, and immediately reports any such incident to the center director or person in charge. Provides for the physical safety of each child from arrival time until departure time. Observes children to detect signs of illness, injury, abuse, neglect, emotional disturbance, or other special needs, and reports these signs immediately to the center director or person in charge.
• Serve as a role model for the children in the areas of attitude, speech and actions on a daily basis.
• Organizes or follows lesson plans and materials based on the high scope curriculum for each day's activities to provide children with a variety of experiences and opportunities that allow them to develop curiosity, initiative, problem-solving skills, and creativity, as well as a sense of self and a feeling of belonging to the group. Sits with children while eating and shares family-style meal; models manners and good nutrition.
• Conducts developmental screenings and ongoing assessments of children to determine motor, language, social, cognitive perceptual and emotional skills and completes timely, neat, and accurate documentation
• Plans or implements activities for children with special needs in accordance with the program director and any other agency (Infant toddler services etc...)

Qualifications Needed: 6 months teaching experience in a licensed center, an understanding of HighScope Curriculum and first aid/pediatric CPR certification are preferred, but not required. 

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