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It is our belief that the early years in a child’s life have a significant effect on later development and that every child enters our center with a unique set of skills, accomplishments, and interests. It is our goal to support each child’s development and learning throughout the year by designing optimal learning opportunities with the collaboration of staff, children and families. We will strive to provide an environment that promotes the feeling of safety, security, support, and respect for all children and their families.


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We currently have a wait list for all classrooms.  

*We are a FULL-TIME center, we do not have part time options.


Please come in and take a tour! 


Come visit

If you are interested and want to come take a look at our center call to set up an appointment and we would love to show you around

​Family Involvement

Families are encouraged to become actively involved in their child’s learning experience. We believe that a child’s development is enhanced by the amount of family involvement that occurs. It is our goal to support families with young children by informing them about issues that are important to them. 


The Children's Center uses the Brightwheel app. This app makes communication with your child's teachers fast and easy. It is a great way to keep track of your child's schedule throughout the day. We log diaper changes, nap times, bottles (for the infant room), meals (for toddlers through five year old's), reminders, and tuition payments. You can even make payments through the app. 

Keep an eye on the bulletin board in your child's classroom for weekly reminders, schedules, and lesson plans.   

Tuition Information
Tuition can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


Infant Classroom: $390/wk

Toddler Classrooms: $350/wk

Preschool Classroom: $300/wk


*State assistance is accepted

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